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About Us

Wellness Noni Ltd is a Public Limited Company, listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

Company Profile

The primary purpose of our corporate leadership is to create wealth and in turn creating value for all our investors and share holders over the long term is what defines our business. This translates to bringing a high level of satisfaction to five constituencies -- customers, employees, investors, vendors and the society-at-large. The objective of the corporate body is to ensure predictability, sustainability and profitability of revenues year after year.

Wellness Noni is committed in adopting & adhering to global recognized standards of corporate conduct towards its employees, clients and the society at large. We have adhered to Corporate Governance practices to ensure accountability, fairness in all our transactions in the widest sense and meet our stakeholders' aspirations and expectations.

Wellness Noni is committed to optimizing long-term value for its shareholders and believes that ensuring transparency of operations is an intrinsic part of its corporate responsibility. The Company is confident that these practices will enable it to establish enduring relationships with all its investors, other important market constituents and the society at large.

Our Commitment

To Empower Each and Every Person to Empower Everyone around so that they in turn Empower People around them to live a life of Wellness

Our Vision

To Create a World that Works for Everyone with No one left out.
Bringing about a Transformation in the Quality of People's Lives.
To Create a World of Wellness in which everyone is Healthy, Happy and Wealthy.

Our Mission

To Create Wellness Awareness among 100 crore people by the year 2020.
To engage in front line and pioneering research of the Noni plant and to have science based experimental data which prove the benefits of Noni and to use the data for enhancing hum health and wellness.
To popularize Noni cultivation with optimum organic input and maximum output so as to uplift the livelihood of farming community.
To validate and establish therapeutic actions of Noni in various obstinate diseases including new life style diseases.
To create awareness about the food supplemental values of Noni in management of diseases and health as well.
To be the leader of Wellness Industry in the World